Azerbaijan has blocked the passage of Russian aircraft DRLO A-50U

By | September 13, 2020
Azerbaijan has blocked the passage of Russian aircraft DRLO A-50U

According to Telegram-channel “Hunter’s Notes”, which conducts regular monitoring of the Russian HMC flights, another rotation of the Russian group’s DRLO aircraft took place in Syria.
Transport IL-76MD (RF-76702) and DLRO A-50U (RF-93952) aircraft were returning to Russia on the route Syria – Iraq – Iran – the Caspian Sea, which had been worked out during the years. However, this time the Azerbaijani authorities did not let Russian cars through the airspace of their country. Russians had to make a “hook” through the EaP of neighboring Turkmenistan, additionally requesting Ashgabat’s consent to cross the air border over the Caspian Sea. After that, the planes landed at the Mozdok airbase and then headed for the military airfield of Ivanovo (Severny), where the DRLO planes are based.

Baku’s behavior may be connected with another aggravation of relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia, which is part of the CSTO. Therefore, the Azerbaijani military may not have allowed Russian DRLO aircraft to fly over its territory, given the emerging cooling of relations with Moscow. Therefore, there is a possibility that Russia’s other ACS aircraft will have to fly over Azerbaijan through the military-industrial complex of Turkmenistan until mutual understanding with Baku is restored.

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