Azerbaijani hackers posted photos of Aliyev on Armenian sites

Azerbaijani hackers posted photos of Aliyev on Armenian sites

The Azerbaijani Hacking Team hacked into Armenian websites and posted images of the Azerbaijani leader and the dead soldier on them.

“Azerbaijani hackers broke into up to 90 Armenian websites and published the words of President Ilham Aliyev,” the team said in the telegram channel.
The hackers also posted photos of Azerbaijani soldier Mubariz Ibrahimov who died in Karabakh in 2010 on the hacked sites.

The National Security Service of Armenia has already informed that the work of the country’s websites has been restored.

“Sites of,, news. am, and a number of other media are on the servers of foreign company Cloudflare on a contractual basis and Azerbaijani hackers have changed their settings, which were restored very quickly,” the NSC reports.
Armenian mass media are receiving support to protect their sites from hacker attacks, the NSS was assured.

Those actions take place against the backdrop of renewed hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh. Around 6 a.m., Baku launched an attack along the entire line of contact. According to Stepanakert, over 50 settlements in the republic were subjected to artillery fire. Azerbaijan, in turn, denied the attack and said it was carrying out a “counteroffensive operation”. Both sides are suffering losses in manpower and not only military equipment but also the infrastructure of the settlements is being destroyed. Both sides have losses among the civilian population.

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