“Banned at the state level, but not in the heart”: Runet admired the courage of Kiev, came out with the icon “hammer and Sickle”

In Runet admire the courage of a young Ukrainian woman who on victory Day was not afraid to go to the square of Kiev with the icon “hammer and Sickle”. The girl attached it to the most prominent place – a soldier’s cap. When Ukrainian journalists asked if she knew that the demonstration of Communist symbols faces criminal punishment, Ukrainian said: “It is prohibited at the state level, but not in the heart.”

A video with a brave girl posted on Twitter. The footage – interview to Ukrainian journalists, removes released to celebrate 9 May, the Kiev area people. The attention of reporters was attracted by a girl who did not hide the star icon on her cap, and even with a hammer and sickle.

“Do you know that Communist symbols are prohibited?”- immediately flew up to her Ukrainian journalists. However, the inhabitant of Kiev wasn’t frightened and wasn’t confused.

“It is prohibited at the state level, but not in the heart. For us, this star, hammer, and sickle have a special meaning. With this symbolism fought our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. Therefore, we will not betray their memory. Our grandfathers did not fight with the Trident but fought with this symbolism. We’re not. We have been coming here for six years, and we are not afraid,” replied the brave girl.

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The journalist in reply tried to frighten the inhabitant of Kiev with a reminder that under the new Ukrainian laws for similar “crime” threatens from 5 to 10 years of prison. “That is it is necessary to spit and trample on memory of our ancestors? Because they his young life put on that we walked this earth, and people who, sorry, not even worthy of their memory, will I need anything else to be banned? Never in life”, – the inhabitant of Kiev retorted.

Her courage was admired in Runet.

“This is a light, this is a light that could not be trampled!!! Attaboy! Big heart of the girl! So we won, we win and we will win!!! Here the descendants of the “Young Guard”!!! Low bow! I have the honor! Thank you and your parents!”

“Dignity, honor and the memory of his family, his ancestors-the winners of the above all sorts of bans and repression of the current Bandera power – it showed a girl with dignity while defending their, ancestors, and their position.”

“Thanks to the girl for it, is courage. At this time in this country! Not everyone could have,” the commentators write.

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Meanwhile, the other part of the Ukrainians, on the contrary, out of the skin climbs, in order to somehow try to discredit the holiday. For example, as the journalist Dmitry Steshin reported, some of them took to the street with parody posters, mocking the action “Immortal regiment”. However, the “humor” of understanding is not met.

“Well, if they have such heroes that, we sympathize. To protect them they will”.

“They are not Ukrainians, they are “pots”… Ukrainians came with portraits of their relatives, and if these are portraits of the ancestors of these characters, then who are their descendants.”

“Well, there was someone who was recorded by the policeman?”- condemned them on Twitter.