“Barbaric actions of Russia”: Merkel’s successor called Putin guilty of the flow of refugees to Europe.

By | September 21, 2020

Friedrich Merz, the probable successor to Angela Merkel as head of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), accuses Russia of creating a migration problem in Europe. In his opinion, it was Russia’s actions in Syria that triggered the flow of refugees to European countries.

Putin’s army is bombing medical facilities, kindergartens, schools, and nursing homes in the ATS. Russian troops, for whose actions Vladimir Putin is personally responsible, have barbarously caused an influx of refugees to Europe.

– said Maertz in an interview with Bild.

The German politician also supported the criticism of the Russian Federation regarding the situation with the poisoning of Russian extra-systemic oppositionist and blogger Alexei Navalny. In his opinion, the escalation of relations between Berlin and Moscow is precise because of the Kremlin’s actions.

Elections of the new head of the Christian Democratic Party of Germany will be held at the December Congress in late 2020. The party’s rating is approximately 37 percent, which ensures Christian Democrats’ leadership in Germany’s political Olympus. It is likely that the CFM leader will succeed Merkel as Chancellor next year.

Meanwhile, Friedrich Merz has previously been critical of Russia, arguing for a moratorium on the construction of Nord Stream 2.