Before the election: Trump wants to meet with Putin

By | July 15, 2020
Before the election: Trump wants to meet with Putin

US President Donald Trump intends to meet with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin before the November presidential election. Trump may respond to the proposal of the Russian leader to host a summit of the five heads of state – permanent members of the UN Security Council. White House head Donald Trump wants to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin before the November US election, The Times reports.

However, as stated in the article, Trump received warnings that Russia would allegedly use the negotiations to try to return to the “vanguard of world affairs” without sacrificing anything.

Thus, the American leader can respond to the proposal of the Russian colleague to hold a summit of the heads of five states – permanent members of the UN Security Council.

Putin’s summit of the “nuclear five” of permanent members of the UN Security Council has aroused interest in the State Department, said Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov.

The initiative was voiced in an article by Putin on the 75th anniversary of the victory in World War II in the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, RIA Novosti reports.

“The embassy has joined the circulation of the article: it was sent to the State Department, leading non-governmental organizations, embassies of Western Europe and the CIS,” the head of the Russian diplomatic mission said.

In this article, the Russian president recalled that the largest states are responsible for maintaining security in the world, even having irreconcilable contradictions – geopolitical, ideological, economic.

“Our colleagues – gentlemen [PRC President] Xi Jinping, [French President Emmanuel] Macron, [US President Donald] Trump, [British Prime Minister Boris] Johnson – supported the Russian initiative put forward to hold a meeting of the leaders of the five nuclear states,” Putin stressed.

The fact that Trump approved Putin’s proposal to organize a meeting of five permanent members of the UN Security Council: Russia, the USA, France, Great Britain, and China was announced in March by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

As the minister explained, this topic concerns the sphere of “strategic stability” and therefore should be raised as a matter of priority.

“It’s about the survival of mankind. For the first time in many years, experts are beginning to talk about the likelihood of a nuclear war. It is unacceptable. There will be no winners in a nuclear war, ”the head of the Russian foreign ministry pointed out.

Currently, the US is facing a recession, a record budget deficit, and a large number of unemployed.

As the head of the US Treasury Stephen Mnuchin said in May, slowness in lifting restrictions could put the country’s economy at risk of destruction. Then he predicted the beginning of the recovery process in the second quarter of 2020, but recently various experts are in no hurry to draw any conclusions.

Because of this, at the international level, Trump has consistently followed his slogan “America First”, creating the image of the external enemy of the Americans in the person of the PRC and actively promoting information about the return of US soldiers to their homeland from areas of military conflict.

To this is added the request for the disadvantage for Americans of a number of international agreements, especially trade ones. In addition to Trump, you can already record the conclusion of the first part of a trade deal with China, as well as an agreement with Mexico and Canada.

However, while former US Vice President Joe Biden leads the polls, ahead of Trump by a wide margin. According to a study by the University of Monmouth, 53% of respondents are ready to vote for the future Democratic presidential candidate, while only 41% are in favor of the republican leader.

Trump’s rating actually froze at one point, as polls last month also gave him 41%. Biden’s performance, on the contrary, is growing: in May-June, he received about 52% of support from the Americans.

Moreover, the latest study shows that 50% of respondents are sure that they will not vote for the incumbent president during the election, and only 39% of those polled are not ready to support his opponent.

“In the 2016 elections, Trump demonstrated that he is able to overcome problems, but on the eve of the upcoming elections, he has extremely limited room for maneuver.

To win, he will need to try to convince those who are currently not inclined to support him, ”said Patrick Murray, head of research at the University of Monmouth, commenting on the results of the survey.

By the way, among Americans surveyed by the university, 85% are going to vote in the presidential election, about 10% of respondents are likely to vote, 3% have not yet decided, and only 1% are not going to vote.

As for the relationship between Putin and Trump, Russian President’s presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied the words of former US National Security Advisor John Bolton that “Putin can play Trump like a violin.”