Belarus’ Ambassador to Germany Appears at German Foreign Ministry

By | August 31, 2020
Belarus' Ambassador to Germany Appears at German Foreign Ministry

Belarusian Ambassador to Berlin Denis Sidorenko was summoned to the German Foreign Ministry for an “urgent” conversation, RIA Novosti reports.
It is noted that the diplomat was summoned because of the deprivation of accreditation of journalists of foreign media, including German and Belarusian authorities.
According to the agency, Sidorenko has already arrived at the Foreign Ministry.
Earlier, Telegram-channels reported that 10 other journalists working in Belarus of Western media were deprived of accreditation in the country. In particular, the list included two journalists who worked for the BBC, employees of Reuters, Associated Press, German newspaper Deutsche Welle, French radio RFI.
The Interior Ministry of Belarus said that about 50 journalists were taken to the police station in Minsk to check the documents the day before to cover an unsanctioned opposition rally in the center of the Belarusian capital. They were later released and one of the journalists was expelled from the country voluntarily.

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