Belarus deploys half of its army along the border

By | September 3, 2020
Belarus deploys half of its army along the border

Lukashenko said that the army had in fact encircled Hrodna and was determined to defend its sovereignty.
Almost half of the Belarusian army is deployed along the country’s western borders. This was announced by President Alexander Lukashenko on Thursday, September 3, BelTA reports.

He noted that the army took control of the border with Lithuania and Poland. According to him, the reason was “the difficult situation on the western borders.”

“We have deployed almost half of our Belarusian army. In fact, the western borders with Lithuania and Poland were taken under control. And, as I often say, they actually surrounded Hrodna to confront these threats. Perhaps this demonstration has yielded its results,” Lukashenka said.

At the same time, he stressed that there will be no quiet life, but Belarus is determined to defend its sovereignty and independence.

Today Lukashenko accused Ukraine and three other countries of interfering in the affairs of Belarus.

Earlier, the Foreign Ministry and the General Staff of Belarus threatened the opponents and recommended “not to joke” with the country’s army.