Belarus withdrew its ambassadors from Poland and Lithuania

By | October 2, 2020
Belarus withdrew its ambassadors from Poland and Lithuania

In Minsk, this step was called forced and related to the destructive role of Warsaw and Vilnius.
The Belarusian Foreign Ministry recalled the ambassadors from Poland and Lithuania, as well as demanded from the embassies of these countries to reduce the number of working diplomats in Minsk. This was stated by Foreign Ministry spokesman Anatoly Glaz, reported on Friday, October 2.

“In view of unambiguous destructive activity on the part of these countries they were suggested to bring the composition of their diplomatic missions in Belarus to parity with Belarusian foreign institutions in the respective countries by October 9,” said Glaz.

According to him, 14 diplomats should stay at the Lithuanian embassy instead of 25 and 18 at the Polish embassy instead of 50.

The representative of the Foreign Ministry also said that the ambassadors of Belarus to Poland and Lithuania will be recalled to Minsk for consultations from October 5.

The ambassadors of Poland and Lithuania to Belarus respectively are invited to follow this example.

According to Anatoly Glaza, this step was forced and had to be resorted to “solely because of the special destructive role that the leadership of Poland and Lithuania decided to play in practice in relation to Belarus.

We remind that on October 2 the European Union put into effect a sanctions list against 40 officials of Belarus. About 40 Belarusian officials accused of violence against the opposition and falsification of results of the presidential election got on it. Alexander Lukashenko is not on the list.