Belarusian plant catches fire after Lukashenko’s visit

By | August 29, 2020
Belarusian plant catches fire after Lukashenko's visit

A fire broke out at a dairy plant in Orsha and a cheese factory caught fire. This is reported by the
Five FEMA vehicles, two ambulances are on the scene, and the emergency gas service has also arrived. The fires were localized and there are no reports of casualties. Fema units continue to eliminate the fire.
On August 28, Savushkin-Orsha, a dairy production company, visited a group of high-ranking officials headed by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on a working visit.
Speaking to dairy workers, he announced the end of the “bacchanalia” with protests. Lukashenko stressed the importance of the effective work of all enterprises, both public and private, to achieve high economic results.
“We need to calm down, and they too are abroad, take their heads in their hands, calm down and think about what Europe can become if it blazes here,” the president said.

Mass protests are taking place in Belarus for the third week. Citizens oppose the official results of the elections. Lukashenko believes that elements of external interference are visible in the situation. According to him, the coordinators are trying to act in the country on the “methods of “color revolutions” and the protesters are managed from “Poland, Great Britain and the Czech Republic.”

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