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Belgium destroyed strategic stock of masks before COVID-19 outbreak

Millions of masks and respirators were destroyed, after which Belgium decided not to replace the strategic reserve.
The Belgian Federal Ministry of Health before the COVID-19 pandemic destroyed millions of protective masks from the strategic reserve because they had exceeded their shelf life. It is reported by The Brussels Times on Wednesday, March 25.

“32 million surgical masks and 6 million respiratory masks of the FFP2 type, which are now in short supply worldwide, were destroyed because they reached their maximum shelf life and were found unsuitable for use. After that, the Ministry of Health decided not to replace stockpiles destroyed, “the publication said.

Masks for the reserve were purchased in 2006. In 2009, these reserves were updated amid the swine flu pandemic. Then they spent 9 million euros on this.

Recall that earlier the number of cases of COVID-19 exceeded 400,000. The disease is spreading faster.

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