Biden administration promises to “win the race” with China by investing in the economy and democracy

Biden administration promises to

White House unveils administration priorities at home and abroad

President Joe Biden’s administration has unveiled a new strategy aimed at keeping the United States at the top of the world order so that it is not displaced by its nearest rival, the People’s Republic of China.

The White House released a 23-page report, “Interim National Security Strategic Guidance,” outlining the new administration’s priorities at home and abroad.

The document focuses on China, which is characterized as “the only competitor potentially capable of combining its economic, diplomatic, military and technological power for a long-term challenge to a stable and open international system.”

The strategy promises an agenda that will strengthen the U.S. “enduring advantage” and allow it to “win the strategic competition with China or any other country.

The document only briefly mentions Russia.

“Russia remains determined to increase its global influence and play a subversive role on the world stage,” it notes. – “Both Beijing and Moscow are working hard to contain U.S. strengths and prevent us from defending our interests and allies around the world.

Under the strategy, the U.S. will seek new arms control mechanisms wherever possible.

“We will take steps to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in our national security strategy while ensuring that our strategic deterrence remains intact and that our enhanced deterrence commitments to our allies are strong and credible,” the document says. – “We will engage in meaningful dialogue with Russia and China on a range of new military technology developments affecting strategic stability.

The document recommends how the U.S. can maintain and strengthen its leadership role in the world.

“The most effective way for America to win the race against a more assertive and authoritarian China in the long term is to invest in our people, our economy and our democracy,” the document says.

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“By restoring U.S. credibility and reasserting forward-looking global leadership, we will make sure America, not China, sets the international agenda, working with others to forge new global norms and agreements that advance our interests and reflect our values,” the strategy says.

The leadership promises to rally friendly nations to repel threats to the U.S.-led order.

“By strengthening and protecting our unparalleled network of allies and partners and making prudent investments in defense, we will also deter Chinese aggression and confront threats to our collective security, prosperity and democratic way of life,” the document states.

In the face of challenges from China and Russia, the strategy notes, the U.S. military will shift its focus from “unnecessary obsolete platforms and weapons systems to free up resources to invest” in advanced technologies.

The U.S. and China disagree over influence in the Indo-Pacific region, Beijing’s economic practices, as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan and the human rights situation in Chinese Xinjiang.

“Our relationship with China will be competitive when appropriate, cooperative when possible, and hostile when necessary,” Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said earlier Wednesday.