Biden administration: who will join the Democrat team

Biden administration: who will join the Democrat team

Joe Biden is making all the preparations for the transit of power. The Democrat has already chosen a new head of the White House apparatus – his “right hand” Ron Kline, as well as assembled a team of experts to analyze the work of the republican administration. Who else can get to the White House?
Right hand Democrat
Although the official results of the presidential elections in the USA are still not made public, the candidate from the Democratic Party Joe Biden started to create his own team. He has already announced his intention to appoint his former advisor Ron Kline to the post of White House chief of staff in the new administration.

“His deep, diverse experience and ability to work with people across the political spectrum is exactly what I need as White House chief of staff,” his transition team quoted Biden as saying.

Kline himself has already accepted the proposal of the Democrat candidate, he thanked Biden for the honor on Twitter. “I am honored by the trust of the elected president and will give my best to lead a talented and diverse team of the White House,” Kline wrote.
Biden administration: who will join the Democrat team

His possible appointment as head of administration under Biden was not a surprise to the American media. For example, The Wall Street Journal, even before the official announcement, reported on Klein’s likely joining the Biden administration.

Kline had worked with Biden for quite a long time in the administration of US President Barack Obama. Thus, from 2009 to 2011, he served as Chief of Staff of the Vice President, at that time the “right hand” of the head of state was just Joe Biden.

“Throughout the years we’ve worked together, Ron has been my right-hand man, including when we were saving the American economy in 2009 after one of the worst downturns in history and later in 2014 to deal with a terrible health crisis,” Biden said.

As The Guardian writes, Klein’s appointment to Biden’s team should be seen as a demonstration of the Democrat candidate’s intention to focus on the fight against the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. The former Chief of Staff of the Vice President’s Office has a wealth of experience working in a health crisis. In addition, in 2014, Obama appointed him as the Coordinator for the fight against the Ebola virus. Kline was able to make some progress in this direction and even earned the nickname “King of Ebola”.

At the same time, he had already worked on coronavirus in team Biden during the election race. According to WSJ, Kline proved his effectiveness by not letting a Democrat candidate get infected with the virus during an election campaign. Transition Team
In addition to Kline Biden has already gathered around 500 experts, who within three months to prepare the transit of the authorities by analyzing the actions of U.S. federal agencies.

Most of the advisers previously worked in team Obama, but there are also representatives of the so-called left wing of the Democratic Party.
At the same time, as Politico writes, Progressive supporters were not too positive about Biden’s candidacy – they would like to see Vermont state senator Bernie Sanders as president.
Biden administration: who will join the Democrat team

Nevertheless, the joint work continues, though not in full force, as the current U.S. president Donald Trump does not admit his defeat, which blocks specialists from access to employees working in the agencies they check. For now, they have to meet with former employees of the presidential administration.

At the same time, some of the experts working in Biden’s transition team have the opportunity to get seats in the White House itself, Politico stresses. Therefore, the list of experts suggests what the Biden administration will look like as a result.

Key candidates
The future US Secretary of Defense is called Michelle Flourna by the media. In the past, she served as the Pentagon’s deputy head of policy on Obama’s first term. Recently, Flournoy has advocated strengthening efforts to develop new weapons to counter China.

By the way, while working in the Bill Clinton administration, she also held a position in the Defense Department, in particular, she was in charge of issues related to the policy towards Russia.

Susan Rice, an experienced foreign policy analyst who has worked in a range of positions from junior National Security Council official to a senior diplomat in Africa, UN ambassador, and national security adviser, may take up the post of State Department head, according to the media. She has made a significant contribution to U.S. intervention in the Libya conflict, the Washington Post said, by persuading Obama to involve Washington in bombing the African Republic.

Biden’s finance minister is Laelle Brainard, former deputy chief of the U.S. Treasury. She worked for the Federal Reserve during the current crisis and also had a post in the Obama Ministry of Finance. At the same time, a senator from Massachusetts, a representative of the left-wing of the Democrats, Elizabeth Warren, also aspires to this position.
Biden administration: who will join the Democrat team

In the choice of a new prosecutor general, Biden may choose a senator from Alabama Doug Jones, a former prosecutor of the Northern District of the state. Jones is an old friend of Biden’s who helped him with his first presidential campaign in 1988. He also has experience with the Department of Justice, where he served as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights under Obama.

With regard to the Ministry of Homeland Security, CNN sources do not rule out the appointment of Alejandro Mayorcas, which would make him the first Latin American to head the agency.

He served as deputy secretary of the MVB during the Obama administration. Finally, the position of U.S. ambassador to the UN may be taken by former Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman. In the Obama administration, she supervised the State Department’s negotiations on the nuclear deal with Iran and also worked in the agency under Bill Clinton.

However, it is impossible to say for sure that these very people will join the Biden administration, as long as the media give only preliminary forecasts. In addition, there is no one hundred percent confidence that Biden will eventually get into the White House: until Trump admits his defeat in the elections, and in some states continues to count the votes.

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