Biden called on protesters in US cities not to resort to violence

Biden called on protesters in US cities not to resort to violence

At the same time, he called “correct and necessary” statements against police brutality

Former vice president Joe Biden, who is likely to be the Democratic presidential candidate, called on Sunday demonstrators to protest police brutality not to go into violence. His call came amid riots that erupted in several US cities.

Biden issued a statement shortly after midnight when protesters in several major American cities expressed outrage at the death of a black man from Minneapolis, George Floyd, who, as the video testifies, suffocated when a white policeman pressed his knee to his neck.

“To oppose such cruelty is right and necessary. This cannot be said of arson in cities and unnecessary destruction, ”Biden said in an e-mail statement.

“A country is suffering from pain, but we must not let this pain destroy us,” he added.

Biden will become an opponent of President Donald Trump in the November 3 presidential election. Trump campaign leader Brad Parskale said Saturday that Biden should more strongly condemn violence.

Biden’s words echoed Saturday’s statement by Congressman John Lewis, a prominent black civil rights activist.

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Lewis, who was beaten in 1965 by Alabama police during a suffrage march, urged protesters to “be constructive, not destructive,” emphasizing that he understands their pain.