Biden calls Trump incompetent in first interview as presidential candidate

By | August 23, 2020
Most analysts expect Trump to lose the presidential election, CNBC reported. Half of the strategists surveyed predict

According to the politician, the current head of state says “a lot of things that, in his opinion, should distract the attention of Americans from his daily duties.” U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Joseph Biden called the current owner of the White House Donald Trump incompetent, commenting on his attacks on the Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris. Biden made the first joint interview with Harris on Sunday, the first since the nomination, which he gave to ABC. According to a pre-published snippet of the interview, the host asked Harris, who is a senator from California, to comment on Trump’s words, who had previously called her foul, deranged, angry, pointing out that of all the senators she commands the least respect. “I think Donald Trump is saying a lot of things that he thinks should distract Americans from his daily duties. It’s about neglect, negligence, and harm to the people of the United States,” Harris said.

“It’s also about incompetence,” Biden himself continued, noting that such remarks were unacceptable on the part of the U.S. president. “No president has ever said anything like that. No president has used such words.”

At the same time, commenting on the words of 74-year-old Trump that the Democrat because of his advanced age will not be able to fully cope with the duties of the president, 77-year-old Biden advised the president “not to let go of his eyes.” He also answered in the affirmative when asked by the presenter whether he would be ready, despite his age, to seek a second term. “Absolutely,” said Biden, who will be 81 at the time. The full interview between Biden and Harris will be shown Sunday night.

Biden and Harris at the Democratic National Convention on August 17-20 agreed to run for president and vice president in the upcoming elections. They are scheduled for November 3. The Republican nominee will be Trump.

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