Biden is carrying a nuclear suitcase: A unique video from the White House | TOP-NEWS
Biden is carrying a nuclear suitcase: A unique video from the White House

Biden is carrying a nuclear suitcase: A unique video from the White House

Minutes before the inauguration of the new U.S. president, Joe Biden is carrying a nuclear suitcase. A unique video has already emerged from the White House, which attracts special attention. The suitcase is not alone, and its delivery this time will not be the same as always.

Biden is being carried a nuclear suitcase. A video that has spread across various Internet resources clearly shows several people walking through the lobby of the White House. The first to follow is a man in full dress uniform with lace gloves. He has a black valise in one hand and something resembling a bag in the other. Behind him is a man with a large rucksack, and then two more with large dark bags. Behind him is someone without anything in his hands.

The unique video from the White House is particularly interesting because the very transfer of the nuclear suitcase to the U.S. this time is unique. Earlier, Donald Trump announced that he would not be in Washington at the time of the inauguration of his rival. He has already flown to Florida. The nuclear suitcase (it is called “nuclear soccer” in the U.S.) is obliged to be with the president until his last seconds in power.

In fact, there are several nuclear suitcases. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists senior researcher Stephen Schwartz explains that all the suitcases are absolutely identical. One is always carried behind the president by a designated aide, another accompanies the vice president. The third is the backup. It will be given to whoever survives in case there is an emergency during the inauguration or the address to the nation.

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By regulation, during the inauguration, an aide to the previous president must pass the suitcase into the hands of an aide to the new U.S. leader. This time in the States for a few moments the two main American politicians will have two nuclear suitcases.

It is believed that the nuclear suitcase contains a certain button, which activates rockets with a lethal charge or sends a corresponding order to the military. In fact, there is no notorious red button inside. According to some reports, the suitcase contains special codes to launch nuclear weapons, while others say it contains special equipment that will activate the nuclear attack protocol. But the suitcase is useless until the US president is identified, using the alphanumeric code from a special plastic card he has.

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