Biden Condemns Fierce US Protests

By | May 31, 2020
Biden Condemns Fierce US Protests

Democratic presidential candidate and former US vice president Joe Biden condemned the fierce action of protesters during the riots that erupted in many US cities after the death of African American George Floyd.
At the same time, Biden emphasized that the Americans have the right to speak out against injustice.

“Protesting against such atrocities is right and necessary. This is a purely American response. But burning areas and senseless destruction are not. The violence that threatens life is not. Violence devastating businesses that serve the community is not. Act protest should never overshadow the reason we are protesting, “Biden wrote on his Facebook page.
Riots broke out in Minneapolis and several other cities after the death of African American George Floyd at the hands of the police. Videos appeared on the Internet that showed that the police handcuffed Floyd, threw him, and fell on him three, one of them stepping on his neck with his knee. Floyd on the video several times says that he can’t breathe, then calms down. He died in intensive care. After the riots started, four policemen were fired, and one of them was accused of negligence. Minneapolis and neighboring St. Paul have introduced curfews for the weekend.

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