Biden demanded that Facebook speak out against trump

Biden demanded that Facebook speak out against trump

The headquarters of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden distributed a petition addressed to the social network Facebook demanding action against Donald Trump but received only assurances that the social network would protect freedom of speech.
“I urge you to create clear rules that apply to everyone, including Donald Trump, and prohibit threatening behavior and the spread of misinformation,” the petition says Biden’s headquarters proposes to sign to its supporters.

“Facebook continues to allow Donald Trump to say anything and pay for advertising so that his wild statements reach millions of voters … Trump and his allies used Facebook to spread fear and misinformation about voting, to try to discredit our voices and ballot boxes, which are a method of holding the powers that be held accountable, “the petition says.
The social network in response said that in the United States the rules are set by democratically elected representatives of the state. Facebook recalls that Trump has complaints about the network too.

“Two weeks ago, the US president issued an executive decree requiring federal agencies to prevent social media sites from participating in fact-checking for political statements. This week, a Democratic presidential candidate organized a petition urging us to do the exact opposite,” the Facebook statement said.
“The elected representatives of the people should establish the rules, and we will follow these rules. Elections are coming in November, and we will defend political statements, even if we strongly disagree with them,” Facebook said.

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