Biden Discusses Changes in U.S. Immigration Policy with Mexican President

Biden Discusses Changes in U.S. Immigration Policy with Mexican President

The two leaders discussed a plan to reduce illegal immigration to the United States by addressing its root causes

President Joe Biden spoke by phone Friday with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The Mexican president became the second world leader, after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with whom President Biden had a phone conversation. Some details of the conversation were revealed in a White House press release issued Saturday morning.

The White House press office reported that the main topic of conversation between the two presidents was cooperation on a number of bilateral and regional issues, particularly regional migration.

President Biden outlined his plan to reduce illegal immigration by addressing its root causes, increasing resettlement opportunities in the United States and legal alternative routes to immigration, improving the asylum process at the border, and reversing the harsh immigration policies pursued by the previous administration.

The two leaders, the White House said, agreed to work closely to stem the flow of illegal immigration from Central American countries to Mexico and the United States, and to promote the development of Central America’s “Northern Triangle” countries of El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

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The U.S. and Mexican presidents also recognized the importance of coordination in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Mexican president described his phone conversation with Joe Biden on Twitter Friday night. Obrador called the conversation “pleasant and respectful,” expressing hope that relations between the two nations would improve, benefiting both countries.