Biden for the first time commented on the accusations of sexual harassment

Biden for the first time commented on the accusations of sexual harassment

The politician called for an investigation into the statement of his former assistant and pointed out inconsistencies in her story.
Us presidential candidate Joe Biden has publicly commented for the first time on allegations of sexual assault against his assistant Tara Reid, saying that this has never happened. This is stated in the statement of the politician published on Friday, May 1

Biden also called for an investigation into the validity of the charges.

“This is not true. This has never happened, ” the former Vice President said. He called for Reid to be treated “with dignity and respect” because in general, women who have been abused “should be listened to, not silenced.” “Such stories need to be investigated and verified properly,” Biden said.

He recommended that the American media pay attention to “the growing number of inconsistencies in her story, in which there are constantly small and large changes.”

“She says that she raised this issue by contacting her immediate supervisor and a senior employee of my office back then. Both of these people – a man and a woman-clearly stated that she never addressed them with a complaint of this kind,” Biden explained, emphasizing that journalists have not yet been able to find any of his former employees who would confirm Reid’s accusations.

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Biden’s former aide, Tara Reid, accused him of sexual assault and filed a police report. Reid claims that in 1993, Biden, who was a Senator at the time, touched her in one of the corridors of the congressional building without her permission. In March, Reid told reporters that she was allegedly sexually assaulted by Biden.

Biden has previously been accused of indecent behavior by several women.