Biden and Harris Travel Country to Explain COVID-19 Relief Plan

Biden and Harris Travel Country to Explain COVID-19 Relief Plan

The Economic Aid Bill was passed by Congress and will be signed by the President on Friday

President Joe Biden and his top advisers are planning a nationwide tour to educate Americans about the benefits of the recently passed $ 1.9 trillion pandemic relief bill.

Biden will kick-start this effort with the bill signing ceremony on Friday.

The document is one of the largest stimulus packages in US history and the first legislative victory for a president since he took office in January.

Thereafter, his administration is planning a tour of the country to explain the initiative. The White House said that Biden will visit Pennsylvania on Tuesday, while Vice President Kamala Harris will travel west of the country, where he will make stops in California, Colorado and Nevada on Monday and Tuesday.

The massive legislative package, finally approved by Congress on Wednesday, was passed by a Democratic majority in the House and Senate but did not receive a single Republican vote, despite widespread public support.

The bill will send $ 1,400 checks to millions of households, extend unemployment benefits, and channel billions of dollars into state and industrial budgets after the pandemic killed more than 526,000 Americans and left millions unemployed.

But Biden doesn’t take the bill’s popularity for granted.

Democratic strategist Joshua Karp said it was important for Democrats to “go out and tell people what this bill does and who it helps.”

“There is the real reason for hope,” Biden said Wednesday. “A real reason, I promise you.”

The White House plans to send its representatives and senior administration officials to local broadcasters across the country and mobilize more than 400 mayors and governors to debate the meaning of the plan for them and their residents.

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“We will tell you every step of the way how it will make their lives better,” White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jen O’Malley Dillon said in an internal memo that Reuters obtained.

Republicans argue that Biden and the Democrats never made a serious effort to win their support. According to them, voters will be upset by the number of expenses provided for by the bill, which will lead to an increase in the deficit.

The third person in the House Republican hierarchy, Liz Cheney, has made it clear which line of attack her party might take on the bill. She said that only a small fraction of the $ 1.9 trillion went to fight the virus, and warned that this could lead to tax hikes.

Historian Thomas Alan Schwartz, who studies the presidential institution, suggested that the popularity of the bill could have a positive impact on the political future of Democrats.

“I think it can create a very good aura around the president and make it feel like morning has come again in America,” he said. “The danger is that it can start to be perceived as overkill, especially if some prices go up.”