Biden's aides seek data from U.S. authorities on possibility of more violence

Biden’s aides seek data from U.S. authorities on possibility of more violence

The inauguration of the president-elect is scheduled for January 20. Earlier, Democrats argued that supporters of incumbent Donald Trump might try to disrupt it

Aides to U.S. President-elect Joseph Biden are trying to get all the information from the current U.S. administration about possible new outbreaks of violence in the country. This is according to a statement released Wednesday on the website of the politician’s transition team.

It notes that “during the week following the attack on Congress,” information continued to come in about “the possibility of new violence in the coming days in the capital and in cities across the country.” “President-elect Biden was briefed today by high-ranking FBI and U.S. Secret Service officials and key members of the national security team,” the document stresses.

The statement states that Biden’s aides are “interacting with the current administration” and expect to “obtain as much information as possible about the threats at hand” as well as preparations for possible disruption of “outbreaks of violence or attacks.” Biden’s aides “will receive daily briefings on security and preparations for a smooth transition,” the document said.

Biden’s inauguration is scheduled for Jan. 20. Earlier, Democrats had argued that it could be attempted to be disrupted by those in support of incumbent President Donald Trump.

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