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Biden's associates found an "effective weapon" against Trump

Biden’s associates found an “effective weapon” against Trump

The agency suggests that it is connected with “ignoring as much as possible” the 45th American leader.
The team of US President-elect Joe Biden has developed a strategy that, in their opinion, the Democrat should follow in relation to the current head of the White House, Donald Trump, reports Bloomberg.

The media notes that Biden will face some serious problems holding the post of President of the United States. We are talking about the coronavirus pandemic, high unemployment, and growing tensions in Russia and China’s relations.
However, among other things, the team of the president-elect has to deal with Trump’s reluctance to admit defeat in the November elections.

In this regard, according to Bloomberg, Biden’s advisers have developed an “effective strategy,” which, in their opinion, is “the only way to neutralize the threat coming from Trump” – not to pay attention to the Republicans.

Associates of the president-elect are convinced that one of the main lessons of the entire election campaign for them is that it is better for Biden not to interact with Trump and not react to “provocations coming from him.”
According to Biden’s team, it is becoming increasingly clear that Trump’s tendency to “make a show” is finding less support among Americans. The ongoing attempts to challenge the election results only harm his image.

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