Biden’s dogs “deported” to Delaware for misbehaving one of them

Biden's dogs

The White House admitted that one of the dogs caused “minor injury” to a stranger

German Shepherds belonging to President Joe Biden were returned to the Biden family home in Delaware last week after one of the dogs, Major, showed violent behavior in the White House, President’s spokeswoman Jen Psaki announced.

Biden’s two dogs “are still acclimating and getting used to new surroundings and new people,” Psaki said.

According to her, the three-year-old shepherd dog Major “was surprised by the appearance of a stranger and reacted in such a way that this person was slightly injured.”

Psaki did not specify who was bitten by the dog, noting that the White House medical unit handled the incident, and “no further treatment was needed.”

Unspecified sources told CNN that the Major had previously “rushed” at the staff and security.

Biden’s oldest German shepherd, Champ, is 13 years old. She was also sent to Delaware.

Biden received the Major through the Delaware Animal Humane Society. The champion came to him in 2008, when Biden was elected vice president under President Barack Obama.

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