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Biden says his main concern is fighting the coronavirus pandemic

Biden says his main concern is fighting the coronavirus pandemic

President says he is not following Trump’s impeachment proceedings

WASHINGTON – U.S. President Joe Biden said that while his predecessor’s impeachment proceedings are pending in the Senate, he will focus on easing the suffering caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

When reporters asked Biden Tuesday if he was following the Senate proceedings, he said, “I’m not.”

“We’ve already lost more than 450,000 people and could lose many more if we don’t act decisively and quickly,” Biden explained. – Many children are going to bed hungry. Many families can’t provide food for themselves. They’re in trouble. That’s my job. The Senate has their job, and they’re going to get to it soon, and I’m sure they’re going to do it well.”

The president added that he would no longer comment on the impeachment of former President Donald Trump, whom he defeated in the November election.

“The president is not a political commentator. He’s not going to give his opinion on the parties’ arguments, and he’s not following them,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said earlier in the day in response to a reporter’s question about the historic proceedings that began Tuesday.

“He will wait until the Senate has made up its mind,” she said at the daily White House press briefing. – “He believes he should focus now on meeting the needs of the American people, getting people back to work, fighting the pandemic.

The White House wants to introduce the president as the head of state who is dealing with these issues while the impeachment process is underway.

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The White House has arranged for Biden to visit the Defense Department and the National Institutes of Health this week. On Tuesday next week, the president will travel to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he will participate in a televised public meeting.

During the Feb. 16 meeting, the president will answer questions about his administration’s work “to contain the coronavirus pandemic and restart the economy,” according to CNN, which will broadcast live. The network explained that participation in the meeting would be by invitation only, and the audience would have to maintain a social distance.

Administration officials said there is no political benefit to Biden, the former senator, and vice president, from intervening in the impeachment process.

Such an intervention, they said, would be seen as a political move early in his presidency, when Americans expect him to focus on addressing the pandemic.

“Biden has made many statements making clear that what the former president did, his words and actions and certainly the events of Jan. 6, were a threat to our democracy,” Psaki said Tuesday.

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