Biden and Suga: our countries still go hand in hand


Leaders of the two states issued a joint statement on the anniversary of the earthquake in eastern Japan

US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga issued a joint statement on the 10th anniversary of the devastating earthquake in eastern Japan.
“Ten years ago, the Great East Japan Earthquake caused three disasters that claimed countless lives and caused great suffering and damage to the people of Japan. On this woeful day, we remember all the victims and express our deepest condolences to the families and communities that have been destroyed and are still mourning this enormous tragedy, ”the statement said.

“When the catastrophic earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant disaster struck, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and the US military immediately took action, teaming up to conduct search and rescue operations and provide supplies and transportation to those in need,” Biden and Suga recalled. “Japan and the United States have worked for hand in hand to alleviate the suffering and remediation of the Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukushima 1 disaster with the help of experts, goods, and equipment from many countries. In the aftermath of the disaster, US and Japanese forces also worked closely to restore operations to Sendai Airport, which also served as a distribution center through which more than two million tons of humanitarian aid pass. Our peoples have also taken an active part in the reconstruction efforts. Ordinary Americans and Japanese worked together to contribute to Japan’s rebuilding. Five months after the disaster, then-Vice President Biden visited Natori and Sendai to see firsthand the relief efforts and the incredible strength and resilience of the Japanese people. Then, as now, our joint efforts occupy a special place in the hearts and memories of both our peoples. It is a testament to the special bond and unwavering friendship that characterize the US-Japan alliance. ”

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“We must not forget that even after ten years, many of the victims have not yet recovered from the consequences of the natural disaster. In support of these people and in memory of the victims, Japan and the United States will continue to walk hand in hand to complete the reconstruction of the Tohoku region and realize a better future for all of us, ”said Joe Biden and Yoshihide Suga.