Biden Test and social media dictatorship: Israel in focus

Biden Test and social media dictatorship: Israel in focus

Portal published an analytical article by publicist Irina Petrova entitled “With Biden: back to the future?”.

Perhaps nowhere did take the failure of Trump as painfully as in Israel. The prolonged uncertainty was even worse: Netanyahu did not hesitate to congratulate the new president for nothing – he knew that in case of an error, his friend Donald would not forgive him. There are different opinions about our future life under Biden, but one thing is clear: there will no longer be such unanimity and intimacy between Israel and the United States as in the last cadence.

Pessimists predict a return to cold relations during the Obama era. The optimists object: Joe Biden is a more moderate and reserved politician than Obama and Bernie Sanders, he tends to compromise and has always called himself a friend of Israel. But this is just a guess, because until now everyone, including Bibi, who has a longstanding friendship with the elected president, knew Biden-senator, not Biden-president. If you remember Obama, then from his rule at first did not expect the problems in which it turned out for Israel.

No, Biden will not return the embassy in Tel Aviv, but he will reopen the consular office in East Jerusalem. He will not oppose further rapprochement between Israel and Arab countries but will make a Palestinian settlement the key to it. It will resume humanitarian aid to the autonomy, restore the nuclear deal with Iran that Trump broke down, and consistently promote the two-state solution that it has always held true for two peoples. All this will not prevent him from considering himself a friend and supporter of Israel. His gentle feelings for the Jewish state were quite frankly spoken about by his fellow party members Carter and Clinton, who imposed the bloody Camp David and Oslo agreements on us. In a word, we are returning to those times when both the friendship and dissatisfaction of our overseas ally carried the same danger.

On the other hand, we have survived them all, even Obama, and with God’s help, we will survive the new American power. The hardest thing to admit is that Israel’s success in recent years is not a trend, but a temporary and exceptional phenomenon.

The worst thing that awaits us under Biden’s rule is the increasing Iranian threat. Renewal of the deal and lifting of the existing sanctions will allow Tehran not only to accelerate its nuclear program but also to continue to spread its influence in the region, to take new steps to create a “Shiite crescent”.

Will it lead to a stronger consolidation of Arab countries with Israel in the face of a common enemy? There is no answer to this question yet. But our new allies, including potential ones, will clearly be more restrained. After all, the anti-Iranian alliance relied first of all on Washington’s help, and secondly – on intelligence exchange with Israel. Biden, on the other hand, is unlikely to offer the Arab world “golden rain”.

There is another important point: Joe Biden has always been an irreconcilable opponent of Vladimir Putin’s policy. If Jerusalem has to look again for cooperation with Moscow on Syria (which is quite likely because the new White House administration intends to stay away from military conflicts), relations between Israel and the United States will become even cooler. Given the reputation of the Russian government in the West, the Jewish state will again find itself among the outcasts of the world community. The myth about the brilliant achievements of our diplomacy, of which the Prime Minister is so proud, will burst like a bubble.
However, the Bibi election of Biden can bring big dividends. During the Obama era, he deserved popular support for not yielding to the demands of the White House, and U.S. curtsy towards Iran forced Israeli society to move to the right. This trend is likely to manifest itself now. In any case, the left-wing camp rejoices in the Democratic victory for nothing; in fact, it means that Ganz and Lapid have lost their already shaky chance to take Netanyahu’s place. The Prime Minister’s real rival remains Bennett: if the U.S. administration puts pressure on Israel in the spirit of Obama, public opinion may choose a more right-wing politician.

So far, Bibi has a unique opportunity to take the initiative and implement all plans until January 20 – in the remaining time of Trump’s rule. Announce the annexation of Judea and Samaria. To bomb uranium enrichment plants in Iran is all that can be reached. Get the United States to speed up the supply of the latest weapons, particularly the depth bombs, which are very important for our missions. In short, to prepare for the frost in our relationship with Washington as much as possible. In addition to the real benefits for the country, this approach will bring him the votes of the voters of the entire right camp and a clear victory in the upcoming elections.

Will Netanyahu take such steps? Does he have the courage to do so? Or will he hope to negotiate with his old friend Biden? On the other hand, it is impossible to predict how adequate Trump will behave, stunned by defeat, and (according to rumors) the upcoming divorce. Will he remain our friend until the end of the cadenza? Is he ready to keep the promises he made in the expectation of re-election?

A lot will depend on new appointments in the White House, but it is already clear that Israel does not have to expect anything good from the new vice president of Kamala Harris. With regard to the annexation of territories and the principle of two states, she is more determined than her patron, and given the age and health of Baiden, she has every chance to take his place even before the cadence expires. In the person of Harris, we can expect a new Obama, even more, energetic and passive. Yes, Kamala has been to Israel and is good to Judaism and Jews, but do not be deceived: her friends are exactly the Jews who vote for the Democrats, support the boycott of Israel, and condemn Zionism. Thus, it is in our interest to wish the cautious diplomat Joe Biden good health and long reign and hope that the epidemic of “crown”, the economic crisis, and other internal problems will not allow the White House to seriously engage in the Middle East for a long time.

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Portal published an analytical article by the American-Israeli journalist Caroline Glick (translated by Alexander Nepomniashchy), deputy editor of The Jerusalem Post, entitled “New commissioners against freedom of speech.

It is time to make big social networks pay for plugging their mouths.

Some time ago, a relatively young Israeli book publisher, Bibliotheka Kolosa (Sefriyat Shibolet), which specializes in publications of authors who express conservative (in other words, not leftist) views, launched an advertising campaign on Facebook. In an effort to increase sales of its books, the publishing house has invested about 100 thousand shekels (about 34,000 USD) in Facebook advertising. Suddenly, the publishing house’s account was blocked. The advertising campaign was disrupted and the money paid for the advertisement was lost.

“Facebook, this corporate giant full of anonymous manpower and incomprehensible algorithms, hacked the publishing house’s campaign without any prior warning or explanation. Simply because someone in the Israeli branch of network management wanted to.

In fact, this is not the first time such a story has happened to this publishing house. In April last year, Shibolet launched an advertisement on Facebook, paying tens of thousands of shekels. But even then, just as now, the nameless and impersonal masters of Facebook buried the advertisement by blocking the publishing house’s account.
The owner of “Shiboleta” Rotem Sela says that he tried to appeal against this decision seven times.

“In fact, it sounds a little Kafkavian when I say that I tried to appeal the decision because nobody ever explained to me what we actually violated. We were just selling books. Because of the coronavirus, all bookstores are closed, so Facebook sales were and still are our natural way to keep our business afloat. What kind of problems could Facebook have with our trade?

After the seventh appeal, Sele was informed that “Facebook” decided to block the account of his publisher forever. For what? There is no point in asking. Nobody bothered to answer it.

Given the dominance of “Facebook” in the network space, the publisher opened a new account, accepting the loss of all information about clients stored on the previous “forever banned” account.

The new account launched a new campaign, and it was blocked again.


The current actions of “Facebook” against the publishing house did not happen in an empty place. The account of the “Shibolet” publishing house was banned in the midst of a public storm over censorship in social networks. This storm broke out in the USA after unprecedented steps taken by Facebook and Twitter. These social networks blocked their user’s access to sensational materials published by the famous American edition “New York Post”. These materials described in detail the content of e-mails found in the computer of Hunter Biden, son of a presidential candidate from the Democratic Party of Joe Biden.

The publication of these emails, the authenticity of which has since been confirmed and the content has not been refuted by either Hunter Biden or his father’s campaign headquarters added weight to earlier suspicions that during his tenure as vice president, Joe Biden had used his position to enrich his family by promoting shady deals and lobbying for Chinese and Ukrainian companies.

“Twitter blocked the New York Post account and froze the accounts of all users who managed to share these articles not only in public but even in personal messages. “Facebook” blocked only articles, depriving users of the opportunity to read them.


Aggressive efforts by Facebook and Twitter to block anti-corruption investigative journalism caused a storm of outrage in American society. In Israel, many were much more surprised by the scale of protests in the U.S. than by the very suppression of freedom of speech by social networks.

Alas, this kind of behavior of social network giants seems quite common to the Israelis. Israeli rightists are used to persecution and discrimination by the traditional media, the legal system and social networks.

Thus, in 2002, after years of campaigning to delegitimize and demonize the Israeli Left, the Israeli Supreme Court ordered the closure of the radio station “Channel Seven. At the time, it was the only non-left information source in Israel.

In 2014, 43 members of the Knesset voted in favor of the bill to close the daily newspaper “Israel Ha’yom”, which already had the largest circulation in Israel. The newspaper was also targeted because of its non-left editorial policy. To block this law, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went to dissolve the Knesset and early elections.

Finally, last year, the head of the prosecutor’s office, Avihai Mandelblit, secured a staggering expansion of powers for left-wing censorship. Without any legal grounds, he revised the definition of bribery to include requests for positive coverage by right-wing politicians and then used this new and unfounded definition of bribery as a basis for accusing Netanyahu of bribery.

As for the social media giants, for years Israeli right-wing politicians and activists have described how Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have restricted their reach and prevented them from making money online. Writers (myself among them) and politicians regularly face “shadow” blocking their posts, underrating Facebook and YouTube accounts, and removing Google ads from their websites.