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Biden calls for pressure on military in Myanmar

Biden told the world that the U.S. is coming back

The head of the U.S. state has not yet told how exactly he intends to eliminate the consequences of the Trump presidency.
The world should forget about the period of Donald Trump’s presidency and remember that the U.S. is a leader on the world stage. This was stated by the current head of the White House, Joe Biden, during a speech at the State Department, reported Thursday, February 4, Foreign Policy magazine. Biden announced to the world that America is returning, diplomacy returns to the center of foreign policy,” – stated in the material.
According to the article, the American leader’s first foreign policy speech was a significant rebuke to his predecessor.

At the same time, Biden did not specify how he intends to correct Trump’s mistakes in relation to countries in Europe and other parts of the world.

The publication also noted that the U.S. head of state has identified a new principle of U.S. national security – the welfare of the middle class.

“The most significant new element was the focus on the working class: there will no longer be a clear separation between foreign and domestic policy,” the magazine specified.

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Earlier, it was reported that Biden, in order to eliminate Trump’s “bad policies,” canceled a number of his orders on migrants. The new American leader called the leadership of the country by the previous administration a moral and national disgrace.

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