Biden unveils first list of candidates for federal judges

Biden Prepares US Arms Control Orders
Biden unveils first list of candidates for federal judges

The President’s statement notes the high qualifications of the nominees and the diversity of their experience

US President Joe Biden unveiled the first list of candidates for federal judges. The 11 nominees include three African American, Muslim, and Pacific Islander.

“This innovative list of nominees includes the best, brightest minds in American jurisprudence,” the president said in a statement.

The document also highlights the “wide variety of experiences and views” of the nominees.

Nominations by the President are subject to Senate approval.

The list of candidates for the positions of district judges includes Ketangee Brown-Jackson, Tiffany Cunningham, and Candace Jackson-Ekivumi.

Zahid N. Quraishi, currently a New Jersey judiciary, may become the first Muslim to serve as a federal district judge.

Florence Pen may be the first Asian American to serve as a District Judge in the District of Columbia.

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