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Biden visits Wisconsin seeking support for his plan to help the economy

Biden visits Wisconsin seeking support for his plan to help the economy

The White House says the president is targeting a $1.9 trillion stimulus bill for the U.S. economy

President Joe Biden headed to the heart of the United States, Wisconsin, Tuesday night for a televised public meeting, intending to find support for his proposed massive $1.9 trillion economic stimulus package.

According to Agence France-Presse, amid a split in Congress following Donald Trump’s acquittal in his impeachment case, Biden decided to address ordinary voters during a live line hosted by CNN in Milwaukee. The visit to Wisconsin was Joe Biden’s first official trip outside Washington as U.S. president.

According to the Associated Press, the president’s plane landed in the Milwaukee area at about 7:30 p.m. U.S. East Coast time. The president’s meeting with voters – a small group of people including Democratic and Republican supporters as well as independent voters – is taking place at the historic Pabst Theater building in downtown Milwaukee.

Live, the president “will talk to people in Wisconsin, people who agree with him and people who disagree with him,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters Tuesday. She added that the president is focused on implementing his plan to help the economy.

Biden’s proposed economic stimulus package is more than double the previous economic package passed by Congress in December.

The administration says a massive infusion of money into the social and economic sphere, including targeted aid to many Americans at $1,400 per person, is vital to avoid stalling the slow economic recovery. Another important goal that Biden is pursuing is to speed up the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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However, the amount the administration is pushing for, as well as some of the details of how the funds will be spent, is causing skepticism among most Republicans in Congress.

The choice of Wisconsin as the location for the televised live line is not accidental: In November, Biden won the election in that state by a narrow margin, beating Donald Trump by only 20,000 votes.

On Thursday, the president will continue traveling around the country, visiting a Pfizer plant in Michigan that produces vaccines for the coronavirus. On Friday, Biden will continue to defend his stimulus bill in the international arena: the president will address a virtual meeting of G7 leaders and the Munich Security Conference.

The White House stated that the President is going to emphasize “the importance that all industrialized countries maintain their support for economic recovery.

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