Biden warned of losing police confidence 3

Biden warned of losing police confidence 3

The most likely Democratic candidate in the U.S. presidential election, former vice president Joe Biden, may lose support from the police because of his calls for national police reform. This is written by journalists of Politico.

Biden has long proudly emphasized that he is a union-friendly Democrat who has good relations with ordinary policemen. However, the politician’s calls for reforms and control over the activities of the police, which arose against the death of African-American George Floyd, who died after a gross arrest, can cause a split in relations between Biden and law enforcement agencies, the newspaper writes. Against the backdrop of nationwide protests and riots, such statements by the Democratic candidate provoke a sense of lack of solidarity with law enforcement agencies, Politico notes, as a result of which many who once supported Biden will be disappointed that they became part of the political game of their former ally.

“Obviously, he made a lot of changes, as candidates usually do during the primaries, but he continued to move toward the left agenda and went all-in,” said Bill Johnson, executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations. He noted that now the police shake their heads disapprovingly, talking about Biden because the politician has always been “his boyfriend”, who supported law enforcement agencies.

Both of the most likely US presidential candidates – Biden and incumbent White House head Donald Trump – faced a difficult moment, racially motivated demonstrations that flare up more and more every day. However, each of them takes completely different steps.

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US President Trump has called for the restoration of law and order, threatening military action to stop violent protests. Biden, “tiptoeing around law enforcement,” is now focusing on the need for reform amid deep-rooted racial imbalances still plaguing the nation, Politico writes. On Tuesday, June 2, in his first speech in the past few months, he emphasized the rights of protesters and proposed police reform, only briefly mentioning law enforcement officials. Trump’s campaign criticized him for not mentioning police officers killed and injured during the riots.

In American cities, protests against police arbitrariness over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis are taking place. He died as a result of a hard arrest: the policeman used strangulation against him. Protests across the country grew into riots, which killed at least 12 people.