Biden went ahead of Trump

Biden went ahead of Trump

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden during the election race widened the gap between the incumbent head of state, Republican Donald Trump. This is evidenced by a survey of the University of Monmouth, writes The Hill.
As of June 3, 52 percent of respondents are ready to vote for Biden, 11 percent less for the current president. For a month, Biden strengthened its position by 2 percent. To be clarified, the survey was conducted on the days when Trump’s rating was influenced not so much by the coronavirus epidemic as by the riots that spread throughout the country after the policemen strangled the black man George Floyd during the arrest.
At the same time, in the so-called “vacillating” states, candidates are almost on a par. For example, in Arizona, Trump is 1 percent ahead of Biden, and in North Carolina, the other way around.
US elections are scheduled for November 3, 2020. In May, it was reported that Trump had already symbolically “buried” Biden. On his Facebook page, he posted a video of dancing coffin porters from Ghana who “buried” the presidency of the most likely Democratic candidate, Joe Biden. On the coffin is written “President Biden.”