Biden will meet with relatives of George Floyd

By | June 7, 2020
Biden will meet with relatives of George Floyd

The presidential candidate will record a video message for a memorial ceremony in memory of Floyd

U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden will visit Houston on Monday to meet with George Floyd’s family two weeks after Floyd’s death in police custody sparked nationwide protests against racial inequality. This was reported by two senior assistants to Biden.

Biden is expected to express condolences to Floyd’s family and record a video message for his funeral, which will be held later that day in Houston, the aides said. At the same time, he will not appear at the funeral, so that the arrival of the Secret Service employees does not interfere with the participants in the ceremony.

In recent days, Biden has criticized President Donald Trump for his reaction to protests, which were mostly peaceful, but sometimes escalated into violent clashes and property damage.

The trip to Texas will take place at a time when Biden’s staff are trying to figure out how to safely campaign in the context of the ongoing pandemic of the coronavirus. After the introduction of large-scale quarantine measures, Biden left his home in Delaware only a few times but did not travel further than Philadelphia.

Supporters of the former vice president praise him for his ability to find suitable words of comfort for those who mourn. Biden’s first wife and their little daughter died in a car accident, and his son Bue died of brain cancer.

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