Biden will use a “carrot and stick” strategy against Russia

Biden will use a

Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser to President-elect Joseph Biden, said Sunday that the president’s new administration will take the steps necessary to extend START III, but will also try to punish the Kremlin for its hacking of U.S. government networks. The New York Times reports this.

The implementation of these plans is complicated by the coronavirus raging in the United States. Moreover, efforts to reach an agreement with Moscow on strategic offensive arms would be complicated by Washington’s desire to punish Russian authorities for hacking America’s 250 government and private networks, the damage of which may be greater than previously thought.

According to Biden, after formally identifying those responsible for the hacking, U.S. authorities will take all necessary steps to respond adequately and proportionately.

Biden said that after the government formally identifies who is responsible for the attack, “we will respond, and probably respond in the same way.” But this means taking steps to punish Russia while retaining START III.

– The American edition notes, referring to the desire of the new White House president to use a carrot-and-stick strategy against Russia.

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According to Sullivan, arms control is one of the few areas where Russia and the U.S. can productively cooperate, and the extension of the START treaty, which does not require Senate approval, will test the possibility of working together in this area.