Big reveal in the U.S.: Families "drugged by Trump" are proposed to have their children confiscated

Big reveal in the U.S.: Families “drugged by Trump” are proposed to have their children confiscated

In a private conversation, Michael Beller, a lawyer with the U.S. Broadcasting Service of America (PBS), announced a plan that made the hairs on your head sing. The Project Veritas group set up the high-profile exposé. Based on the conversation with Beller, he is a hater of Republicans and Trump personally. He said that after Biden’s victory, children should be removed from the families of those who voted for Trump and sent to re-education camps.

Children whose parents voted for Donald Trump should be re-educated. Michael Beller, the chief lawyer for PBS’s American Broadcasting Service, came up with this idea in a private conversation. A recording of the conversation was made public by the group Project Veritas.

During the conversation, Beller is indignant that children in “pro-trump” families will grow up intolerant and horrible.

“Kids have been growing up seeing nothing but Trump for four years, what are they going to grow up to be?” – the man wonders. Judging from the conversation, the tape was made before the November election in the States.

According to the lawyer, once Biden wins, children should be removed from their families and sent to “Enlightenment Camps” for re-education.

“Even if Biden wins, we will find those who voted Republican and the Department of Homeland Security will take their children away,” he says.

In addition, in the same conversation, he compared the incumbent to Hitler and rejoiced that the coronavirus is spreading in “red” (pro-Republican) states.

“That’s great, they’re not coming to vote for Trump in red states,” he noted.

Note that immediately after the certification of the U.S. election results, a massive campaign was launched against Republican supporters. Many were blocked on social networks, and the media began to equate supporters of the current government with domestic terrorists.

In addition, videos appeared on the Web of Trump supporters being removed from flights. According to the latest information, the leader of the Democrats in the U.S. Senate even called for a ban on air travel for those who participated in the Capitol riots

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