Bill Gates medicine paralyzed almost 500 thousand people. The investigation was never completed

Bill Gates medicine paralyzed almost 500 thousand people. The investigation was never completed

The fight against childhood polio is one of the significant items of expenditure for the Gates Foundation. However, in India, this vaccination campaign caused a flurry of criticism: media reported that the “Bill Gates medicine” led to the paralysis of about 491 thousand people.

The activities of multi-billionaire Bill Gates in the light of the coronavirus pandemic began to be discussed more and more often. For example, another round of discussion broke out about vaccination against coronavirus. Earlier, we talked about how a private fund can have a pandemic.

At the same time, questions about the activities of the Gates Foundation arose long before the coronavirus.

In India, in particular, hundreds of thousands of people were affected by the polio vaccine. The fight against childhood poliomyelitis is one of the most significant lines of expenditures of the Gates Foundation. And therefore, the fund invested in the Indian campaign. This is the Pulio Polio vaccination program.

However, the results of this program were stunning: the Indian program turned into paralysis in vaccinees. In any case, this is discussed in an article entitled “491,000 children paralyzed in 17 years, offers a study of the Indian polio vaccine program.”

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According to the author of the publication, “the growth of the disease was, in fact, an adverse side effect of the Pulio Polio immunization program.

However, the public did not wait for a detailed investigation, however, as the media write, when in 2017 the Indian government abolished the Gates vaccination regimen, the mortality rate of children was sharply reduced.

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