Biosystems Engineering Robot Cleverly Picks Fruits

Biosystems Engineering Robot Cleverly Picks Fruits

The creation of robots has gained a new meaning in recent years. They are created not only as a demonstration of the technology, but also so that they bring real benefits, replacing people in those jobs, the work of robots is more productive. Developers from Biosystems Engineering decided to make a robot for picking fruits.

Their recently introduced model has 4 mechanical arms. Test results showed that the robot is already successfully collecting at least 51% kiwi from branches. The result is impressive, but the developers are confident that they can improve it. Such a robot may become in demand – against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic in agriculture, there is an acute shortage of labor.

The robot uses the latest achievements of robotics. In particular, the emphasis is on AI-based machine vision. It allows the robot to find optimal positions for picking fruit from tree branches. As a result, the robot needs only 5.5 seconds to pick fruit.

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