Bloomberg learns about Merkel’s decision on “North Stream – 2”

By | September 5, 2020
Bloomberg learns about Merkel's decision on

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling bloc CDU/CSU and the Social Democratic Party of Germany will not support the demand to abandon the completion of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, Bloomberg reported, citing sources in the Bundestag.
The day before, the Conservative candidate for the leadership of the Christian Democratic Union party Friedrich Merz advocated a two-year moratorium on the construction of the gas pipeline because of the situation around Alexei Navalny.

According to the agency’s interlocutors, Merkel’s coalition will not support calls to freeze the project, as the German industry supports construction.
In addition, the deep ties between the two countries, especially those of the German Social Democrats, are unlikely to derail the implementation of the Nord Stream 2.
Another important factor is U.S. hostility to the pipeline and pressure. This is indirectly evidenced by the statement of the Eastern Committee of the German economy about Merkel’s request not to link the implementation of the project with the situation around the Navalny.
Another important reason why the German authorities do not intend to abandon the pipeline is the need to pay compensation in the event of a failure Navalny of the project.
Navalny August 20 became ill on a plane flying from Tomsk to Moscow, the plane landed in Omsk, the blogger was hospitalized. According to local doctors, the patient had a metabolic disorder, which caused a sharp drop in blood sugar, but what caused it – it is not yet clear. After the hospitalization of Navalny, a number of Russian laboratories conducted joint studies but found no traces of poisoning.

A few days after the transport of the Navalny for treatment in Germany, the German government, citing military medics, declared him a “poisoning” substance from the group of combat substances “Novice”. The Kremlin noted in this regard that Berlin has not informed Moscow about its conclusions, and the Foreign Ministry stressed that Russia is waiting for a response from Germany to the official request on the situation.
Russian doctors have invited German doctors to set up a joint expert group to study the state of Navalny. There has been no response yet.
“North Stream 2” involves the construction of two pipelines with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year from the Russian coast through the Baltic Sea to Germany.
The project is actively opposed by the United States, which promotes its liquefied natural gas in the EU, as well as Ukraine and a number of European countries. The United States imposed sanctions on the project in December 2019, requiring laying companies to halt construction immediately. Swiss Allseas almost immediately announced the suspension of work.
At the same time, the project is supported by Germany and Austria, interested in reliable fuel supplies. Norway is also in favor of construction, with a 30 percent stake in Kvaerner, one of the construction contractors.

Gazprom has previously stated that it will be able to complete the gas pipeline on its own. One possibility involves the participation of an anchor pipelayer accompanied by another vessel, with a dynamic positioning system capable of holding the vessel at the right point without anchoring or mooring. This role can be performed by “Academician Chersky.”