Boris Johnson kills the Queen

Boris Johnson kills the Queen

The deterioration of Elizabeth II’s health is linked to the monarch’s refusal to undergo knee surgery and reluctance to take time off for recovery, but this is a consequence, not the reason that the queen actually kills

The queen is extinguished in front of her eyes. Her legs are coughing up. She can become disabled, moves with difficulty. Elizabeth II’s health is rapidly deteriorating due to the refusal to have surgery on a sore knee. She still hasn’t consented to it. The 93-year-old monarch does not want to have surgery because of the time it will take to recover. This is written with reference to sources in the royal family British media.

And this is all, of course, the truth, which… doesn’t explain anything. After all, knee disease is what has become a concern for the queen, whose mother has lived for 102 years and who has generally kept fit, attending hundreds of events and taking a recent visit to Britain with the president Donald Trump, not yesterday. Therefore, this explanation of the queen’s ailment is completely false. The other is that she doesn’t want to do the surgery because of the time it will take to recover, closer to the truth, though she’s not herself.
Why is the operation postponed?

To get to the true cause of what kills the queen, you have to honestly answer the question: why is she afraid to take risks and do this difficult operation for her age? Why does she need to be alert and have the ability to act, even in a wheelchair, right now? Because the kingdom is going through the deepest political crisis and has a prime minister a politician who cannot be trusted, a deranged, splitting country, the ultimate responsibility for which is not the prime ministers who come and go, but the monarch. The last 67 years – Elizabeth II. In this regard, most of her subjects rely only on one thing: the intervention of the queen, at least at the last moment (tradition tells the monarch to stand above the operational management of the country) in order to save the United Kingdom.

The Scottish and Welsh authorities do not want Britain to leave the EU. Ulster is not thrilled with that. So if Brexit does take place, the country will not only become severely impoverished and fall into the hands of its former North American colony but will quickly fall apart.

Every problem has a name and a last name. The problem that prevents the monarch from doing his health and threatens him with a disability is called Boris Johnson. Therefore, a sore knee is not a cause, but only an investigation. At a time when everything is confused by Brexit and the denouement is close, the queen must be in a clear mind and endure the pain, but be able to intervene promptly to prevent politicians from destroying Britain, strengthening its institutions and preventing civil war.

Her eldest son, Prince Charles of Wales, will not be crowned a special one even if he becomes regent and is able to perform most of the royal duties. However, to abdicate in such a tense and dramatic moment (it is possible that Prime Johnson may be in prison) Elizabeth II, of course, will not, so as not to frighten their subjects, who love her and believe her.

To keep Britons, divided by opponents and supporters of Brexit, from clarifying relations on the streets, to pay off pogroms due to supply disruptions and transport collapse after the “hard” exit of Britain from the European Union – can prevent all this can only prevent all this will of the monarch, his prerogatives, and prestige.

That’s why Prime Minister Johnson is not the only one who constantly upsets the queen, who, according to the British media, has been asked by his advisers how to sack Boris. It is not only the one who largely framed the queen, forcing to approve the illegal (this was unanimously confirmed by the Supreme Court, after the verdict of which the deputies returned to work) dissolution of the parliament on vacation, to turn through his head to turn the tow Brexit. This is the one who morally kills the queen, forcing a strong worry about the country rolling into the abyss and subjects, to ponder the combination of a contradictory tradition of open intervention in the intolerant situation in the country at an age when it is preferable to think about eternal and peaceful to live longer, rejoicing in the success of their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

How much longer does Elizabeth II suffer?

Elizabeth II will have to suffer for several more weeks, during which the situation in the country will clear up. For surgery on the daily royal knee to take place, Britain must ask for and receive another Brexit reprieve from the EU, Parliament must express a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Johnson and a date for early parliamentary elections must be set. By the end of October, all this will be known, and some things before. In order to prevent a coup d’etat and to play the role of a “fuse” of the political system of the country, the core of which it is, when the routinely exercised in ordinary times the right to “encourage and warn” is no longer enough.

Will the queen keep the country?

The British monarch has the opportunity to keep the country on the edge of the abyss. The queen is the head of state and commonwealth, which includes more than 50 countries, including Canada and Australia. The monarch heads the Anglican Church and, like the Pope, “cannot be wrong.” This is the Commander-in-Chief. A sovereign who declares war and peace-making. All parliamentary acts are adopted in the name of the monarch. Bills become laws only with his consent.

It is the monarch who dissolves parliament, appoints and resigns the cabinet. This is his face featured on Bank of England banknotes, postage stamps, and coins. He creates peers, introduces knights, appoints bishops and archbishops, hands out awards. It is in Britain that he is sworn in as an oath of allegiance, not to the people, parliament or prime minister.

Johnson has Elizabeth II, whose first prime minister in the reign was Winston Churchill, – the seventeenth in a score. And there’s no doubt that he’s not the last one for her age, even though she’s going to have to suffer a little bit with this guy.

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