Boris Johnson, who was infected with the coronavirus, was hospitalized

The British Prime Minister was hospitalized on Sunday, April 5, for repeated testing for a coronavirus infection, reports BNO News.
An Agency source from Downing street confirmed the information about the hospitalization, stressing that this measure is due to the fact that the Prime Minister still has symptoms of the disease 10 days after confirmation of infection. Johnson will be given artificial ventilation.

On March 27, Boris Johnson, 55, was diagnosed with a coronavirus. The politician said that the disease occurs with mild symptoms, so he will continue to work from self-isolation.

At the same time, on April 3, the Prime Minister shared that he still has an elevated temperature while recovering.

In turn, Johnson’s pregnant fiancee Kerry Simonds said that she also spent a week in self-isolation with symptoms of the coronavirus. She admitted that she was alarmed by the situation. According to Worldometer, by April 6, more than 1.2 million cases of the disease were registered in the world, more than 69 thousand people died, and 261 thousand were cured.

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