Borrell accused Russia and China of uniting against the West

Borrell accused Russia and China of uniting against the West

Russia and China are moving closer to confront Western countries, said the head of European Union diplomacy, Josep Borrell. He expressed this opinion in his blog.

“China and Russia are getting closer: their foreign ministers, Sergei Lavrov, and Wang Yi have met in China. Both said they wanted to strengthen their technological independence from the West and called on [Western] countries to stop interfering in the sovereign internal affairs of other countries, ”Borrell wrote.

The European politician noted the “similar language” of Moscow and Beijing when talking about the West and the United States, he also drew attention to the desire of both countries to increase their economic independence from Western states. However, Borrell emphasized that the relationship between China and Russia should not be judged solely from an economic point of view.

“The Chinese-Russian rapprochement is based, first of all, on the rejection of democratic values ​​and opposition to what they consider” interference “in their internal affairs,” the head of EU diplomacy expressed his position.

At the same time, Borrell assured that, despite the desire of Moscow and Beijing “to unite forces to confront the Western world,” the future geopolitical landscape of a multipolar world is “not easy.”

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Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia and China would work together to protect trade and financial relations from threats of Western sanctions.