Borrell refused to comment on Biden’s remarks about Putin

Borrell refused to comment on Biden's remarks about Putin

Josep Borrell, head of the European diplomacy, said he could not say whether he agreed with the term his American counterpart Joe Biden applied to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“There is a long list of murders committed in Russia against key figures, including journalists and politicians, and in the case of (Alexei) Navalny, the EU imposed sanctions. Russian authorities have committed illegal actions in Ukraine and have played a clear role in conflicts in our neighboring regions. The Russian president is responsible for these actions of Russia,” Borrell said at a meeting in Rome with Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio.
According to Ansa news agency, Borrell stressed that he would not say “yes or no” when asked if he agreed with using the term “murderer” against Putin.
Expert: Biden will not go to a direct conversation with Putin
Earlier, when asked by TOPNEWS if he considered his Russian counterpart a “murderer,” Biden said that he did. He also noted that Vladimir Putin would “be held accountable” for allegedly interfering in the U.S. election.

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