Breaking U.S News; Biden names Harris in charge of immigration

Biden names Harris in charge of immigration

US faces an influx of migrants, mainly from Central America, who arrive at the border with Mexico

WASHINGTON – US President Joe Biden has appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to be in charge of one of the biggest challenges his administration faced in its early months, the flood of migrants arriving at the country’s southern border.

“We now have a full team,” Biden said on Wednesday.

“I can’t think of anyone better equipped to do this,” the president said, noting Harris’s experience as attorney general for California, a border state.

“When she performs, she will speak on my behalf, she does not need to ask me,” Biden added. “She knows what she’s doing.”

“I gave you hard work and you are smiling,” President Harris told the former senator and daughter of immigrants.

Harris noted that “the job will not be easy”, calling the influx of immigrants on the US-Mexican border “a difficult situation.”

The vice president said she wants to engage in diplomatic work with government and private sector leaders in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, as well as cooperate with Mexico and other countries of the hemisphere.

“While we clearly state that people should not come to the border now, we also understand that we will enforce the law. And because we can work on multiple fronts at once, we need to pay attention to the root causes that drive people on this journey, ”said Harris.

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Recently, the White House has faced mounting pressure from Republican critics and Congressional Democrats to respond to migrants from Central America traveling north hundreds of miles across Mexico.

When Biden took office two months ago, he stopped the construction of the border wall, which was supported by former President Donald Trump, and said that his treatment of migrants would be more humane.

On Wednesday, Biden put partial blame for the influx of immigrants on the Trump administration, saying it withdrew $ 700 million from funds earmarked to tackle the three Central American countries that Biden intends to reclaim.

However, Stephen Miller, the designer of Trump’s tight immigration policy, said on Twitter that the current influx of people was the result of the failure of Biden’s White House.

“This whole crisis has arisen from the refusal to repatriate immigrants,” said a former senior White House adviser.