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British airship Airlander 10 ready for mass production

British airship Airlander 10 ready for mass production

British promising hybrid airship Airlander 10 is ready for mass production. According to Warspot, the British company Hybrid Air Vehicles has presented a serial version of the airship.

The Airlander 10 was originally commissioned by the U.S. government. The project was opened in 2009. It was planned that the vessel would perform observational functions. However, the project was frozen against the background of cuts in the US defense budget, and in 2013 the British company Hybrid Air Vehicles, which carried out all the development from the very beginning, bought out its project.

In 2016, the first prototype of the airship crashed during landing, especially the cockpit was affected, so it was decided not to restore it, but to make a number of changes to the design of the giant aircraft, after which to experience an already improved version.

As previously stated by the developers, the Airbus 10 is a hybrid aircraft that combines three principles of aeronautics: a balloon, a helicopter and an aircraft with a stationary wing. The flight hybrid is 92 meters long. It can fly at an altitude of 4.9 kilometers at a speed of up to 148 kilometers per hour and carry up to 10 tons of cargo. In manned flight mode, the vessel can stay in the air for five days and three days at the remote control. According to the developers, the airship can perform surveillance, communication, provide assistance and even carry passengers.

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In the new version, the Airlander 10 received an enlarged gondola, and fuel tanks moved inside the hull. The engines in the front are removed and a single steering module is now used instead. Improved body shape, now it has the best indicators of airflow resistance. In addition, the Airlander 10 can be produced in an all-electric form, without diesel generators.

Hybrid Air Vehicles noted that they already have a contract for 10 airships from a commercial customer, but in the future intend to focus on military orders.

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