British PM Johnson arrives at the polls with a dog

British PM Johnson arrives at the polls with a dog

Boris Johnson led Jack Russell on a red leash. After the vote, he took the dog in his arms, posed for photographers and left.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrives at the polling station where the parliamentary elections are held with his Jack Russell Dylan. This was announced on Thursday, December 12, RIA Novosti reports.

It is noted that the prime minister brought the dog on a red leash. The politician himself was wearing a black coat.

After Johnson voted, he waved to reporters and led Dylan away.

The polling station where the British prime minister left his vote is in the main London Methodist Church. Recall, in Britain, today are early elections of parliament. The election was backed by a majority of MPs in the House of Commons on Boris Johnson’s initiative after his attempts to implement Brexit failed.

Recall, on October 28, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson officially accepted the EU proposal to extend the Brexit process until January 31, 2020, after Parliament did not support his exit agreement.

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