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British woman gave birth to the world's smallest twins

British woman gave birth to the world’s smallest twins

The mother of many children gave birth to twins at 23 weeks pregnant. Their weight did not reach 500 grams.
The world’s smallest twins were born in the UK. This is reported by The Sun.

Talia Keats, 32, from Trowbridge, England, learned about the pregnancy problems when she was four months old. The woman was dissuaded from giving birth, but she refused to terminate the pregnancy.
The British woman had her waters prematurely drained in the 23rd week of pregnancy. She naturally gave birth to a boy named Joe. Its weight was only 429 grams. His 403-gram brother Ashley was taken out by cesarean section.
For several months the twins were in the intensive care unit. Both boys were born with chronic lung disease they are not yet without oxygen masks.

The mother of the world’s smallest twins said the boys had only recently started smiling and laughing. Previously in India, a 75-year-old woman gave birth to an 80-year-old husband. The correspondent also wrote that in Australia the girl learned about pregnancy on the day of birth.

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