Brussels crossed the red line. The Kremlin will take revenge

By | October 23, 2020
Brussels crossed the red line. The Kremlin will take revenge

Brussels will receive a tough response from Russia for the anti-Russian sanctions imposed because of the poisoning of blogger Alexei Navalny.

Moscow political analyst Sergey Markov writes about it in his telegram-channel.

“In Moscow, they are shocked by the European Union’s behavior and think over the possibility of radical change in Russia’s policy in the European direction. Specifically, they are discussing the possibility to pause these relations with the EU and its leaders Germany and France. Until the EU, France and Germany stop attacking Russia in the rough style they use now,” Markov notes.

According to him, in any case, Russia’s policy towards the EU will now be seriously reviewed, and it is now being analyzed who may suffer more from this and what needs to be changed.

“In Moscow, the suspicions that Russian official authorities are involved in Navalny’s departure are simply offensive. In addition, such suspicions are also considered very artificial, because no minimal evidence has been presented. Moscow believes that all hard statements made by EU, German and French authorities are based on completely unproven suspicions. The German authorities have not provided any evidence. Only their findings and very tough accusations. But no facts”, the expert emphasized.

“The announcement of sanctions against the top leadership of Russia, including the head of FSB, the leadership of the Presidential Administration of Russia and the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of Russia and thus accusing them of poisoning Navalny is a red line crossed by the leaders of France, Germany and the EU leadership. What should be Moscow’s response to this red line crossing,” Markov said.