Bulgaria Slows Down Again on Turkish Stream Construction

Bulgaria Slows Down Again on Turkish Stream Construction

Sofia continues to act as an American “Trojan horse” on the issue of Energy Security of Europe. For example, Bulgaria, which “patriotically” buried the South Stream gas pipeline, is now deliberately delaying the construction of a section of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline on its territory, citing any reason.

State-owned company Bulgartransgaz reports that Europe will not receive the promised gas on the Turkish Stream within the previously specified time frame. It is specified that the construction of the gas pipeline has once again slowed down. And only a third of the pipeline has been welded in the last five months. The blame was placed on the contractor who could afford the costs – the Arcade consortium from Saudi Arabia.

Under Bulgarian law, the responsibility lies solely with the contractor, both to ensure the full supply of equipment and materials and to carry out construction work

Bulgartransgaz told reporters.

So it is not for nothing that neighboring countries openly call Bulgaria a “brake”. This is not an offensive word, but a simple statement of fact, which Sofia proves not the first year. To be clear, it is necessary to clarify that under the contract, it turns out that Bulgartransgaz has no right to hire a subcontractor to speed up the process and perform the work on time. By the way, this is the third such construction slowdown since autumn 2019.

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It should be recalled that the contract with the contractor “Arcade” was signed in mid-September 2019. The consortium promised that in 250 days it will build a 308-kilometer section of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline in Bulgaria. Currently, pipes on a 103-kilometer stretch are stacked and welded in the trenches. For the remaining almost 100 days, the consortium needs to strain and lay another 205 kilometers of pipes, which is unrealistic in principle

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