Butina’s first words revealed after returning to Russia

By | October 26, 2019
Butina's first words revealed after returning to Russia

Russian Maria Butina, who was detained in the United States for “conspiring to illegally work for the Russian government,” shared her feelings after returning home. The video was posted on Saturday, October 26, on the hot Telegram channel.

The girl said that she was very happy to return home and see her family, and also thanked all Russians who helped her “word and deed”, especially representatives of public organizations and the Foreign Ministry of the country, who “did everything they could.”

“Guys, I didn’t give up just because I don’t have the right, I just can’t. You know, (…) the Russians don’t give up,” she concluded.

Earlier on Saturday, Butina returned to her home country after serving 15 months of her sentence. The plane landed at Sheremetyevo airport, where she was met by her father and a crowd of journalists. The girl was previously released from a U.S. federal prison and transferred to an immigration prison as part of her deportation to Russia.

Butina, the founder of the right to arms movement, was detained in 2018 and sentenced to one and a half years in prison on April 2019. The U.S. side claimed that it tried to influence the main sponsors of the Republican Party to advance Russian interests. The Russian woman made a deal with the investigation and confirmed that she sought to establish unofficial lines of communication with the Americans, including through the National Rifle Association of the United States.

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