Capitol will be fenced off during Biden's inauguration

Capitol will be fenced off during Biden’s inauguration

Only invitees with tickets will be able to enter the Capitol grounds. The rest of the public will not be allowed to enter.
During President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, police will close public access to the Capitol building. Admission will be by ticket, the Associated Press reported Tuesday, Jan. 12.

Acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pitman said federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies are working together to ensure security during the inauguration, which is scheduled for Jan. 20.

It is noted that Yogananda Pitman is serving as interim Capitol Police Chief after his predecessor, Stephen Sande, resigned over criticism during last week’s storming of the building.

Earlier, it was reported that Trump imposed a state of emergency in Washington for the duration of Biden’s inauguration.

As a reminder, the FBI believes that Trump’s impeachment would spark an uprising in the United States.

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