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Car keys will become safer and more convenient than existing ones!

Classic car keys, which are used to unlock the door and turn the ignition switch, may soon become a relic. Now car manufacturers are introducing electronic keys. These are chips housed in small units. They provide more convenience when interacting with the car. And most functions can be performed using a smartphone.

The South Korean company LG announced the development of a new generation of car keys, surpassing all current analogs. It’s a very loud statement, but there’s not a word of untruth in it. The LG keys, as the developer assures, not only locate the parked car more accurately but are also much better protected from the vulnerabilities inherent in competitors’ electronic keys.

For example, the accuracy of geo-positioning is improved by at least 5 times and allows you to determine with an accuracy of 10 cm where the car was left. For this purpose, two technologies UWB and NFC were involved. LG’s own technology is responsible for security against hacking attempts. As the electronic key LG Innotek provides precise identification of people in the car of passengers and the driver even in the presence of each of them the key of the car.
The company does not disclose all information about the development, but it is known that inside the “key” is placed about 60 electronic components. It is lightweight and extremely compact. The production of the electronic key will start this year while offering its delivery to leading companies in the automotive industry.

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